To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Don Crickmore and 4 years ago my wife Brenda was with her Mom who lived alone. Brenda went to her Mom’s at least once a week to check on her and talked with her every evening on the phone. This particular day she was not in good health and suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. My wife and her family started dealing with an elderly woman that was giving up and had dementia setting in. My wife and family started on the journey of running back and forth to the hospital for the next 2 months and in the meantime, realizing she had more life to live but could not go home to her apartment. My wife started making calls and we found a number of places that our family could not afford, they look like hotels or institutions. We knew she would not be happy there. She needed to leave the hospital and was not able to come back as she at this point was palliative care. We did get her a respite place for one month at Bankside Terrace, for her to recover after the hospital. There was no way she would be able to afford to live there but we really appreciated the first step to her recovery. My mother-in-law would not go down to the big dining room to eat unless one of us was with her, the staff was nice but did they really care if she was there to eat, I don't think so; they were there until the end of their shift then home time, we were getting really frustrated with the system of elderly care, what was going to be next for her? My wife was contacting places and agencies that are to assist in these situations.
One Saturday morning a call came to our house, my wife was with her mom at the retirement home, where time was running out for her month stay. Because she could not afford to stay at this place she would be evicted. That call was from Wesley Moore. He had been contacted by a friend that knew our family. He asked to see her.
We were there the next day with Mom for an assessment of our situation and her, with no room in the village manor at this time, Wes was generous to be able to have her stay at the carpenter house until something came available there for her. This place she would be able to afford. Brenda's Mom was having nothing to do with this, she was miserable and just wanted to go home. We did move her the next weekend to the Carpenter House, Wes advised us on what to bring from her apt. To make her feel at home and now we had her somewhere “thank God”.
Mom was still miserable, she wouldn't go for meals. The difference is here that they took her a meal and sat with her to get her comfortable. The next Saturday morning we went to see her, expecting to see her in her room and when we walked into the kitchen, there she was sitting at the breakfast table with the other residents enjoying breakfast. It made our hearts fill with joy as we know she was content.
Wes had taken the “I can't do this” out of her vocabulary and had replaced it with “I can do this” that's when we knew Mom had found her new Home! It certainly made it easier for us to help her move to The Village Manor home, in which she walked up to as there isn't too long of a walk between the two.
We knew she was home here as well because you can walk into the front room of the manor and it's like sitting in your own living room, only thing is it's not your family, but after a few weeks of visits, there's something special here and it's not hard to figure out these people are Wes Moore’s family and he cares and watches out for their best interest. Whatever it is, doctors appointments hospital runs or just outings for fun. He is there for his people.
My mother in law Irene Stack “wanted“ to be at the manor. It was so incredibly awesome to know that your Mom is in good care, with people who care!
She has since passed away and her wish was to die at home and Wes let this be possible and did not say she has to go somewhere else, he did not evict her.
My wife and I still stop in and visit Irene's family and our family at the Manor. We were in shock when we heard from Wes that the Moore’s were possibly losing their license to operate. For the reason of disgruntled PSW’s and some past employees.
My wife and I spent a lot of time with Mom when she was at the Manor and you could tell who cared and who was just putting in time on the job to collect a pay cheque, pertaining to the PSW’s coming in. We had a few PSW’s coming in for Mom and a few had the knowledge of the elderly and how to communicate with these people. Definitely not all.
So, when these people weren't doing the job they came to do, who would pick up the slack? “Wes Moore” This is what we witnessed happening when our Mom was at the Manor.
It is hard to believe that individuals that were not doing their job, to the standards that they are hired to keep, could be the ones that would be able to put over 20 people at the Manor, out of a place they call home.
Wes Moore and Debbie Moore are passionate about their home and the people who live there. Where would we be without those qualities or qualifications?
We are writing this letter in the hope that there is someone out there that will listen, to a man as unique as Wesley Moore and who runs his life on listening to the people of his home and give nothing but great care.
Thank you, Wes and staff! Don Crickmore

Wes Moore and Staff,
I would like to sincerely thank you for caring for Donna. I appreciate the hurdles you may have gone through because of her wanting to come to Ottawa. Thankfully she is well and she is settled into the new home. She made friends already, the other day I found her singing along with another lady and smiling. She has no recollection of recent events; however, she clearly remembers Ottawa, all of us and seems happy.
Once again thank you fo all you did and your dedication and sacrifice for the elderly, especially my beloved friend Donna.
Sincerely, Carolina T.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to attest to the character of Wesley Moore. We took wonderful care of my mother and grandmother when they were senior residents at the Village Manor from 2013 to 2015.
My grandmother was extremely apprehensive to move into a retirement home but Wes calmed her fears by his generosity and kindness. He treated her and all the residents with the utmost respect and dignity. His charisma was infectious making the Village Manor a cheerful atmosphere. Living at the Village Manor enhanced my grandmother’s happiness and overall wellbeing. Months after my grandmother moved into the Village Manor my mother who was living on her own suffered respiratory failure. She spent 6 weeks in ICU followed by an additional 2 weeks hospital care. Wes went out of his way to quickly make arrangements to accommodate her. This helped both my mother and grandmother as they were once again reunited. My young mothers independence was swiftly taken and Wes helped her gain a feeling of independence and importance by making her feel like she was a part of the new home. My experience with Wes and the Village Manor was amazing. Wes goes above and beyond to help his residents. Wes is a caring and loving individual. I would highly recommend Wes.
Sylvia M.

To whom it may concern,
I have known Wes well over 30 years, and he is a well-respected member of the business community. I first me Wes when I was in my early twenties just starting my business. Wes’s business and mine did work together on a weekly basis. I looked up to Wes as a business man I would like to emulate. I met Wes again in another capacity in 2013 when my wife and I were looking for a retirement home for her grandmother. I was thrilled when we went to the appointment and saw it was Wes running the house. I told my wife he is someone I trust 100% and we stared the ball rolling to get her in right away. Once in the village Manor, Hatti adapted quickly with Wes’s help. Hatti loved pets and she ended up getting bird, a sun condor named Sunny. Wes would get all the residents tighter in the living room and we would help the residents play with the bird for hours with lots of laughing and fun. Sylvia’s mother also moved in after an illness. Wes helped make it home for all. Wes is a stand-up individual who I trust. He is very kind and compassionate in everything he does with the village Manor. It is more than a business to him. It is his life.
Bob W.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We wish to express our appreciation for the service available at The Village Manor. We have a family member & friend living there. After years of many different people’s efforts and many frustrating and non-ideal situations, the decision was made to move this person to The Village Manor, with the help from Community Care concept, in hopes she can cope better with life. Thanks, be for God, our hopes have become reality. We are very grateful to Wes Moore, as the owner of this home, for so faithfully trying to perform his duties to keep things running smoothly and also thank the staff for what they do each day. We sincerely hope Wes may be greatened health & strength to keep this home going. It is a vial part of the community.
Noah S., Elia S., James M, Eleanor B., Fern B., Aaron S., Anna S.

Let me take this opportunity to go on record and say how grateful we all are for your help with Donna. In those initial stages, when we really didn’t know what we were dealing with, only Angel Volpe’s support in Cambridge and that of you and your excellent staff there in St. Jacob’s made it possible for her to get the kind of care she really needed. The onset of her dementia took us all by surprise and it seemed to develop very quickly. This was a steep learning curve from the very beginning. And with no family available we had to make decisions that were not easy. The Village Manor provided the right balance of supervision and freedom for someone like Donna, who had been fiercely self-reliant all her life. Not all of our decisions were perfect ones. When she made her great escape, I didn’t even know what “exit seeking’ was, or that it was something we needed to be alert for. In the couple of days, it took to get the “lifeline” hooked up, probably some of the protective measures taken were not the best, but no one was put at risk and Donna was kept safe.
The great thing is that, through all the uproar, Donna was happy and secure and well looked after. I don’t think she had a clue how much effort was being expended on her behalf. But if it takes a village to raise a child, the same can also be said of seniors. The police did an amazing job and everyone at The Village Manor was exemplary both during and after the crisis.
You have a huge heart Wes. The seniors in your care are very, very lucky people.
All the best, Bruce F.

Good morning Wes,
I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you have done to make my parents life an enjoyable experience at the Manor and hopefully my Dad can continue to enjoy many more years there.
Thanks, Toni P.

I went into many different places to see if it would be a good fit for my loving mother and came out crying every time as I couldn’t find anything close to what I liked or what my mother would like UNTIL I toured the Village Manor. As soon as I went in, it was if the Heaven’s opened up for me. And since my mom has been there, she is the happiest she has been in a long time. Her memory has even improved. Wes & Debbie are two selfless people who put the needs of the residents and family members before their own. I know that my mom is so well taken care of now and getting her proper medication and is eating correctly. The Village Manor has amazing staff that care so much for these residents. I show up at the village Manor 3 to 4 times a week and everyone is always happy and so well cared for.
Thanks, Sue O’R.

To a great staff,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my wife. May God Bless You All.
Sincerely, Mario

Dear Debbie & Wesley,
You are both such caring, great and work so hard at taking care of us. You always go the extra mile in seeing that we keep our Doctor, X-ray appointments. You often bring people here straight from the hospital who have no where to go and give them a home & good wholesome food. Keep up the good work you are in my prayers.
Charlotte B.

Hi Wes,
Merry Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful day! I can honestly say I am super impress with you of course but also the lovely ladies you have working for you. What a nice change from most of the homes my mom was in previously. Clearly you are all in the right careers. I am so happy my mom is where she is as you all truly go the extra mile & that warms my heart. It’s hard enough going through all this as it is but knowing my mom is in such good hands makes me extremely happy! I know the disease has got the best of her but she is still my mother & pray she isn’t suffering. It’s such a sad disease to deal with. Sending big hugs!
Thanks, Michelle L.

My name is Margaret Plokita, and I have been working with Mr. Moore for 5 years. When I first m Mr. Wesley Moore I was a little surprised. I expected a man in an orderly suit and tine with shine up shoes to come and greet me. Instead a man with messy hair, his shirt hanging out of his pants, out of breath with a red face from running up the stairs to shake my hand. While he was showing me the Manor many things along the way are put away, cleaned up, staff is being talk to, phone is being answered. Seniors are being hugged and kneeled to. At this point I felt a little strange. 20 mins later I was being captured by an extraordinary experience. What strikes me the most is that in all this apparent busyness, this man seems to know every detail about everything, particularly of the Seniors living with him. Nothing goes unnoticed, no question from staff gets unanswered or is unknown. All I See and hear is the aspect of what he calls a House for the Living. I see Seniors go about their business like living at home. Their eyes light up when Wes coms in, kneels in front of them making jokes.
But…here it is… the warm that now captures the room is breathtaking. I see something raw and beautiful. I expected a man in a suit and a sales pitch to rent a room but all I am shown is a day in a loving caring Christian Home for Seniors. All of a a sudden the House for the Living makes total sense. It stands for Respect for the Matriarchs of our society to give them a life as they knew it before becoming a senior. Years later, this impression is still the same.
I wonder where does this man get his energy? what drives him? He works non stop it seems, lives on a bare minimum in the basement. Getting to know Wes Moore better over the years I understand he is a very high functioning person with a very smart fast working brain. He seems way ahead of everyone around him. Everything he does seems to be on a higher level coming from deep within an incredible passion and compassion.
He is deeply rooted in his Christian belief. I am myself a very spiritual person and I do believe God, but watching Wes I came to realize that my Faith and Belief hardly compare to his. We Believes, is dedicated, loving and caring.
Yes without a doubt that passion hits like a mighty roar when something goes wrong and Staff does not look after his Seniors the way he role models. His words are sharp and his action can be considered as outside the box. I am shocked that this man who never speaks anything else than uplifting and kindly can get that mad. His upset seems to linger with him for a while. His point of view is set and cannot be shaken, when you speak with wrong words, he will let you know that with a very short temper. And then it makes sense. Passion inside does not stop at good times only. Passion comes out in all forms. Even upset. But it’s exactly that passion why his Seniors love him so much and his way of living to not take No for an answer but to make the impossible possible that gives each resident and family that feeling of safety and protection. Years later I learn that the day he greeted me, the basement had flooded. It was one of the 100,000 things that happened at 8:05am that day. , on top of all the trillion things each da on his agenda. He fixed it along the way with no soul to have worried or even known. Wesley Moore reminds us that we don’t need a business suit to be a true soul and that we are all guilty of first impression judgements. Have you ever met someone like Mr. Moore? NO? Neither had I nor my husband Paul.
Wes helped all these residents to find a home. His houses are smaller yes, no big institutions, but that’s why they have soul. His residents call it HOME. They will tell you they live with Wes. He allows them to spend their days with dignity and respect. Most of these people have no where to go or have not enough money to pay for the big retirement home corporations. Wes takes them anyways. He also helped lots of new employees who couldn’t find jobs because of lack of qualifications or experience. I have seen it quite often that these new employees weren’t serious about the journey at the Manor. I didn’t see the Passion, Commitment and Hear t for the residents Wesley role models. I remember telling him my observation one day but he said, everybody deserves a second chance Margaret. Everybody makes mistakes. Wesley taught me to believe in second chances. If you read this note and believe in God and have a little bit of empathy, please do yourself a favour and take a tour though his homes to allow yourself to be captured.
Sincerely, Margaret P.

Thank you to Wes & Deb and to the staff at The Village Manor, for all the help and support you give to Ruthann. Ruthann is a quadriplegic that needs help through her day. She has found a purpose living here.
Sincerely, Weaver & Esther M.